Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here are a couple items I purchased at the Country Living Fair. The wooden spoon was hand carved by E. Gregg Kristophel from He had some really great stuff.
The plate on the right was made out of recycled pop cans. Each piece is hand-hammered from the recycled aluminum by experienced craftsmen. The first step is to have the design hand engraved in reverse into a block of steel using a hammer and chisel. They then place the piece of aluminum on the engraved steel and the craftsmen force the metal into the engraving, creating a forward design. After cutting the piece to the desired size, it is edged and then colored to detail. The art form is called, "repousse." I am giving this plate to my Mom for Christmas. You can see more of their items as

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Rebecka said...

The plate made out of recycled cans is beautiful!! I love it.